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Child's Orthotic Walking Trainer
Paul Osborne B.Sc., C.P.(c), F.C.B.C.

Paul received his certification in prosthetics in 1986 and has extensive experience providing children and adults with artificial limbs for all amputation levels.  He became co-owner and Director Of Prosthetics at OrthoProActive in 1993.  Paul has become specialized in fitting  rotationplasty prostheses and has presented numerous papers on the subject throughout North America.  He has held many postions on national associations and currently acts as the national Conference Co-ordinator for the Canadian Association For Prosthetists And Orthotists.

Krista Holdsworth B.Sc. (Hon. Kin.), C.O.(c)

Krista has been a certified orthotist since 1988 after passing the Canadian Board For Certification Of Prosthetists And Orthotists’ national certification exam.  She became co-owner and Director Of Orthotics at OrthoProActive in 1993.  Krista has become a leading clinician in such specialized areas as paediatric orthotics and serial casting.  Ms. Holdsworth is an associate lecturer for the Clinical Methods In Orthotics And Prosthetics program through George Brown College and has acted as Chief Examiner for the C.B.C.P.O.’s national certification exam.  Krista has presided as President of the Canadian Association For Prosthetists And Orthotists and continues to volunteer her time as the chairperson of other national committees. 

Babara Rehman

Babara Rehman has been with OrthoProActive Consultants since 2002 and holds the position of office manager/account administrator for both the Markham and Newmarket clinics. With many years of customer service experience Babara is able to answer your questions and book your appointments.   Babara\\\'s goal is to ensure that any contact with the front office is simple and pleasurable.

Eric Graham B.Sc., C.O.(c)

Eric is a board certified Orthotist and an honours Kinesiology graduate from McMaster University. Eric has a broad scope of experience with all ages affected by musculoskeletal and neurological complications. Prior to joining OrthoProActive Eric started practicing in western Canada where he gained orthotic experience treating arthritic conditions as well as sports injuries.  Eric is currently involved in national initiatives within the field of Prosthetics and Orthotics and sits on the Board of Directors for the Ontario Association for Prosthetists and Orthotists. Eric has received additional certification with stance control knee joints such as the Horton SCOKJ and advanced training with the WalkAide system. Eric is committed to finding individual solutions to each patient’s unique needs.

Lucie Kazikova

Lucie Kazikova is a registered orthotic technician and physiotherapist.  Lucie came to OrthoProActive in 2005 after graduating from the Technical Methods in Orthotics and Prosthetics program at George Brown College.   Lucie received her registered technician status, R.T.O, in 2007 after successfully passing the national Canada Board Registration Examination. Lucie is active in the field and is responsible for the continuing education and supervision of technical interns, students and volunteers at OrthoProActive Consultants.

Courtney Bishop

Courtney Bishop joined the OrthoProActive team in 2008. She is a graduate of the Technical Methods in Orthotics and Prosthetics program at George Brown College and is completing her second year of the two year technical orthotic residency program. Her past experience in the tool and die trade gives her many valuable skills to apply to her career in the orthotic/prosthetic field.

James Henderson

James Henderson is completing a two year residency program and preparing for the national association’s Registered Orthotic Technician Examination.  A graduate of the Technical Methods In Orthotics And Prosthetics program at George Brown College, James has been with our staff since 2009.  James has a sound knowledge of the use of machinery and tools through his hobbies of woodworking and carpentry which are valuable skills in our profession and to OrthoProActive.

Sandy Robinson

Sandy joined OrthoProActive in 2001.

Will my child be able to use the Mk II Hart Walker?
Every child with musculoskeletal involvement presents with different challenges. In order to use the Mk II Hart Walker most effectively, your child must be able to initiate a stepping motion. The suspension mechanism of the Mk II Hart Walker is adjustable to support as much of the child’s weight as is necessary to hold them i...

The clinicians at
were the first clinical team in North America to be trained to assess, fit and dispense the MKII Walker. Call us, or use the form provided to register for an assessment.
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