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Unique prostheses for the congenital amputee are provided with quality care and professionalism. Prosthetics for surgical procedures such as Van Nes rotations for P.F.F.D. or tumours, Symes procedures, procedures for fibula hemimelia, as well as more involved fittings are among our specialties.




Artificial limb technology is constantly improving. We strive to provide our clients with the most appropriate posthetic device for their individual needs.

 For amputees or any age, the use of strong and flexible materials, such as silicone liners are used to increase client comfort. Many types of prosthetic feet and knee units are available to provide the best function for each individual.

How long has the Mk II Hart Walker been available in North America?
The original Hart Walker was developed in 1989 by David Hart in Keighley, England. This was known as the Mk I Hart Walker. It was designed to help a young boy with cerebral palsy to stand and take steps. After working with the Mk I Hart Walker for four years, David realized its limitations and redesigned the walker, keeping all of ...

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